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Gettysburg Construction Company’s tradition of quality began in 1952. Our craftsmen are highly skilled and knowledgeable. Their workmanship and distinctive style compliment any construction project. Together we will work carefully with you in order to fulfill your vision and building needs. At Gettysburg Construction Co. we are committed to providing you with the finest craftsmanship for your commercial or residential project.

We do not waiver in our honesty, value, quality or promises.

Our mission is to continue to be the area’s preeminent construction company. Therefore, your satisfaction is at the core of our success. We employ the most skilled craftsmen to design, build, restore and renovate structures for today’s generation and beyond.

Discover Gettysburg Construction Company today. We are proud of our heritage that is built on the strength and integrity of men and women who create quality spaces that stand the test of time.

Feature Construction Projects


Pre-Construction and Design Build Assist

Pre-construction services is the process of pricing a project at either the initial sketch or the schematic level of architectural drawings. This is your first opportunity, as an owner, to have your project priced and to determine how it works within your budget. Design Build Assist means that the owner hires the architect engineering team and the contractor provides pre-construction services to assist in making cost effective design decisions. Learn more about our services.

You can trust Gettysburg Construction Co. with your project because we stay up-to-date where pricing, codes and advances in energy efficient building methods are concerned.

Renovate and Repurpose

If you are considering a renovation, our expert design team can meet with you to review every option to meet your build out budget and needs. From residential to commercial, our team has seen a plethora of challenges and knows how to work through each obstacle. If you need to repurpose a building space either for residential or commercial use, we can also help manage the design and build of the entire project according to specifications, budget and timeline.  Learn more about our renovation and repurposing services here.

General Contractor

As general contractors, Gettysburg Construction Company’s role is to coordinate and manage craftsman and resources to bring a new building project to fruition. It is not unusual for a new construction project to have over 40 specialty contractors involved throughout the scope of a new build project.

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